Why Get Legacy SEL Certified?

A multitude of research emphasizes the idea that the teacher is the most important determinant of student achievement beyond any other school factor, including resources and curriculum.  Our curriculum is a powerful tool, but it requires an inspired, well trained, committed, and confident instructor to maximize the learning experience for students.  It is widely known that the fidelity of implementation is vital to realizing the potential of curricular impact.  As one research team concluded, “The existing research has concluded that level of implementation is a significant predictor of student achievement gain” (String eld et al., 2000).  Since teachers dictate the quality of implementation, the following 4 tenets embody our teacher training approach: 1. Invested and Inspired Teachers, 2. High Quality Training, 3. Curriculum Personalization, and 4. Follow up supports.

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Student SEL success that begins with adult SEL competency

Professional Development

Mindset Mastery SEL Online Institute Coming Soon! 

College Students

Extension Courses

Coming this Spring 2021, Legacy Mastery Academy will be offering two Extension Courses at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.