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SEL and Academic Integration PD

Brain-based adult social, emotional, and cultural competence training that teaches educators how to seamlessly and sustainably integrate SEL into content instruction!

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Why SEL and Academic Integration PD?

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Since the advent of the SEL explosion, many schools have allocated budgets for SEL curriculum that mostly exists in one short classroom experience: advisory, homeroom, or some other isolated time. These programs gradually have been collecting dust for many reasons: Teachers feel like it’s another prep, they’re more worried about teaching content standards that they’re actually accountable for, and teachers just don’t feel well prepared to teach SEL. For whatever reason, students aren’t learning it and applying it, especially in their subject area classes to learn academic content and skills.


But what if every subject area teacher at your school site integrated SEL instruction in a way that improved academic learning immediately? Then we wouldn’t just have one advisory teaching SEL, but every class on campus would reinforce SEL and see an immediate improvement in academic and behavioral performance metrics. What if we knew how to integrate SEL easily, and seamlessly, without additional lesson planning, but in a sustainable and spot-on way? The solution is here.

Teachers Will Be Able To:


❏ CREATE a plan for developing psychological safety that includes relationship building (CCEI Framework), norms, culture-building rituals, peer accountability methods, and appropriate vulnerability

❏ EXPLAIN the science of emotions, how they’re created, regulated, and their impact on our lives

❏ JUSTIFY how teacher expectations influence student achievement, behavior, and SEL development

❏ APPLY CASEL’s 3 Signature Practices for integrating SEL into academics: 1. Welcoming Rituals and Inclusion Activities, 2. Engaging strategies, brain breaks, and transitions, 3. Optimistic Closures

❏ ANALYZE several examples and demo lessons of SEL integration into Math, Science, ELA, History, PE, Art, Foreign Language, and other electives

❏ EMPLOY the 5 SEL Power Moves: SEL Think Alouds, SEL Thought-Coaching, The FRAP Method, SEL Micro-Lessons, and Fostering A Growth Mindset

❏ APPLY The 10 beliefs of Effective SEL Instructors to their daily instruction

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