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Why The Mindset Mastery Solutions?

The Mindset Mastery Curriculum 
Addresses The Following Challenges

"We need a comprehensive SEL Program that works"

  • Comprehensive SEL instruction:  29 modules (4-8 lessons per module for a total of 157 lessons) addressing the Five SEL Core Competencies as defined by The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL):  Self-Awareness, Self-Management. Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decisions.  

  • Addressing the CASEL 5 and beyond:  Our SEL Framework includes four new SEL competencies, beyond the CASEL 5, to ensure maximum learning and long-term behavioral changes:  Living with Purpose, Self-Love and Authenticity, Mastering Effective Habits, and Creating Empowering Beliefs.

“Students aren’t engaged and they forget what they’re learning”​

  • Maximize engagement, learning, and retention:  Kinesthetic, Purpose-Driven, 5E Model Design, Discussion-based, Trauma-informed, Asset-Based,  Brain-Based, and Culturally Relevant). Supports PBIS and Restorative Practices.

  • Designed for long-lasting behavioral change:  Over 150 brain-research-based lessons that target SEL, student beliefs, and habits using powerful behavioral change technologies. (CBT, NLP, motivational interviewing, and more)

“But what if I don’t have any time to prep?”

  • Easy to use and little prep time:  Familiar Google Slides Presentation interface, embedded teacher scripts, lesson plans with anticipated student responses and follow-up questions, timers, & more!  

  • Personalize and customize:  At our Mindset Mastery Institute all your planning and preparation is done upfront.  40-minute lessons can be contracted or expanded with extension activities. The lessons invite teachers to share personal stories, advice, and model activities.

“What about students with learning differences and school culture challenges?”

  • Fostering psychological safety:  Module 0: Building a Mindset Family Culture includes 15 lessons to help develop a psychologically safe learning environment to foster risk-taking, learning, and strong peer-to-peer interactions. 

  • Supports for All Learning Differences: Text-speech QR codes, sentence starters, graphic organizers, explainer videos, available in Spanish to support ELLs, embedded think time, and more!

“Our staff needs effective SEL training and help to develop their own SEL skills.”

  • Intensive Teacher Preparation:  Our 5 Day Mindset Mastery SEL Institute ™ helps teachers develop self-awareness so they can strengthen their own SEL skills.  Teachers adopt the beliefs and habits of effective SEL educators and learn how to teach SEL effectively through the MMC and in any content area.  (Teachers earn 4 CEUs from LMU University)   

  • Develop your own SEL skills as you teach:  As you participate in the activities with your students, your SEL improves!

SEL Student Benefits

SEL Teacher and School Benefits

  • Improved academic achievement

  • Reduced behavior issues

  • Better school climate and peer-peer interactions

  • Higher attendance

  • Increase graduation rates

  • Resilient, confident, and happy students

  • Motivated students with a life purpose

  • A decline in substance abuse 

  • Reduction in crime and risky behaviors

  • Leaders who will enact community change

  • Improved classroom management

  • Improved classroom instruction skills

  • Increased resilience and stress management

  • Strengthened adult personal SEL skills

  • Stronger student relationships 

  • Improved school culture with psychological safety

  • Reduced teacher burnout and attrition

  • Improved modeling of SEL skills

  • More teacher collaboration and trust

  • Happier, confident and mentally healthier staff

A Purpose-Driven Approach
Hands-on SEL Learning
and Beyond
Supports for All Learners
We Target Beliefs
Professional Development and School Support
Designed by Expert Educators
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