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Hands-On SEL Program

student SEL collaboration

Inquiry Learning

The Mindset Mastery Curriculum is a hands-on brain research-based curriculum designed to optimize student engagement, learning, retention, and recall of the essential mindset skills that result in productive citizens who thrive in all areas of their life.  Students not only learn and practice the 5 SEL Core Competencies (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making), but also they develop their life’s purpose, create instant intrinsic motivation, apply the power of visualization, and develop empowering beliefs, among many other skills.  The curriculum is inquiry-based according to the highly reputable BSCS 5E lesson design model so that students uncover the information for themselves through engaging adventures, rather than being lectured to or solely learning through video and discussion.

growth mindset

Engaging, Memorable, and Kinesthetic

Every lesson includes a “Keystone Explore Activity”, a highly engaging hands-on experience that challenges their beliefs, uncovers misconceptions, and teaches them SEL skills in a highly memorable way.  In a growth mindset lesson, for example, students are engaged by watching and discussing a video with geniuses like Lionel Messi, a piano prodigy, and a math wiz, followed by a Keystone Explore Activity where students cut and fold an index card to recreate a complex paper model on their desk, a fun and challenging task that surfaces their deeper beliefs about intelligence!  Our lessons integrate many visual manipulatives such as concept cards, demonstrations, engaging explanatory videos, and kinesthetic activities like gallery walks and stations that get students moving. ​

mindset mastery

21st. Century Learning

Our lessons integrate accessible technology such as student smartphones, QR video and audio codes, virtual reality, live formative assessments through Google Slide’s Pear Deck extension, and others, for a highly interactive and memorable 21st-century learning experience. ​

culturally responsive teaching

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Designed to be culturally responsive as defined by Zaretta Hammond’s culturally responsive teaching framework, a diverse student body experiences lessons that relate to them at a personal level, while encouraging them to appreciate the experiences of others.

school culture

Strenghtening Classroom Culture

At the heart of all lessons are the rich class discussion experiences where the “big aha moments” for students are shared and comradery, empathy, deeper learning, and the classroom culture are fortified. ​

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