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Student SEL Resources

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What is this program about?

The Mindset Mastery Leadership Program optimizes beliefs, thinking, and habits for success.  This program is for middle school, high school, before and after school programs, boys and girls clubs, summer school and so much more!

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Memory Technique

Imagine if you could easily memorize everything you learned? What would you do with this super power? In this video we'll explore how to memorize anything you read, hear, and see so you can ace your classes, make more money by learning new skills quickly, and achieve any goal you want! You'll learn the "SHARPEN" rules for a super memory and a bonus system for memorizing thousands of details

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The Mindset Master Formula

Here is the most important formula you’ll ever learn in your life. It explains why you can have all the money and fame in the world, but still be miserable and depressed and also how you can come from poverty, abuse, racism, face hundreds of obstacles, but still triumph. You’ll understand how to manage your emotions and create more empowering ones so you can achieve your goals. 

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In this experiment, observers label 8 images according the emotions they feel when seeing them. This experiment will help reveal what we know about emotions: Events, people, and situations don't cause emotions in us, we create our emotions based on the meanings we give these moments.

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How Emotions Influence Us?

If there was a superpower you could achieve on earth, what would it be? I think it would be the ability to manage our emotions. Almost everything we do is driven by our emotions whether we’re aware of it or not.

Supplemental Resources

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Classroom SEL Plugins

Classroom SEL Plugins ® are powerful routines that develop both student and adult SEL, strengthen school culture, and improve behavior, all while helping you directly teach any academic content!  How is this possible?  Our plugins utilize the power of collaborative academic routines.

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Adult SEL Plugins

Adult SEL Plugins are sixty brain-based, hands-on, and quick team routines that develop adult SEL skills and improve staff culture, all while helping adults achieve their meeting or professional learning objectives more effectively and faster than before! 

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SEL Dialogue Cards

SEL Dialogues ® is an action-packed card game where players make profound personal breakthroughs, create vulnerability-based trust, comradery, forge wonderful memories, and cultivate powerful SEL skills for thriving in all areas of their lives by responding to thought-provoking discussion questions.

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