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Carol Singleton

Former English Teacher

"Too many students are failing to meet their full potential in high school. They’ve become disinterested, discouraged and disenfranchised. The Legacy Mastery Academy is designed to revive students’ intellectual curiosity, improve their academic performance, and build their self-confidence. The academy does not simply spoon-feed information to students; it engages them in hands-on learning activities and challenges them to take on leadership roles. They will come away with powerful learning strategies and, best of all, a new mindset that will allow them to excel in school and in life. This is a gem of a program that should be a model for high schools across the nation."


Dr. Trang Nguyen

Administrator, Animo College Prep Academy

"Legacy is very important to our school because several of our students come in with a lot of trauma. Throughout the course of the year we've seen a drastic change in our students. They come to school excited and constantly talk about their purpose, specifically what their goals are after high school. Our staff also talks about how students created more connectedness in their advisory. Shy students that normally don't participate are stepping up and taking leadership roles." - Dr. Nguyen A.P. at Animo College Prep Academy


Sergio Medrano

High School Teacher and Soccer Coach

"The Mindset Mastery Curriculum unleashes that inner giant in all of us. It creates new possibilities for your life! The founders have captured the very formula I've used in developing pro-athletes for the MLS, Liga MX, national teams, and division 1,2 NAIA college-level student-athletes" — Sergio Medrano, Educator/Head Coach/Athletic Director/CIF-State

& Sectional Champion/NSCAA & CIF Coach of the Year 


John Vargas

Vice President, El Camino  College Board of Trustees

“Mindset mastery is simply not taught in schools. This is exactly what's been missing in our communities: A program that empowers not only students, but  families through a bilingual, hands-on, relevant, and life-changing experience ”

—  John Vargas, Vice President, El Camino College Board of Trustees


Lisa Aguilar

Event Planner Coordinator

"Legacy Mastery Academy transformed me into the woman of my dreams.  Their Mindset Mastery Seminar not only brought light to my life, but it also helped me find my purpose.  Legacy is a unique program that I would highly recommend any student or adult to partake in their program."     - Lisa Aguilar, program graduate


Oscar Solares

Program Graduate

"Without the Legacy Mastery Academy, my life would still be stuck in depression and mediocrity. The mentorship I received here has propelled me to new heights I once thought were unattainable." -Oscar Solares, program graduate

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Dr. Tyisha Noise

Administrator, City Charter Schools

"This PD was one of the best professional-learning experiences I’ve had in a long time. I was inspired, challenged, and deeply engaged! I could see that my staff felt the same way! I couldn’t have asked for better!!!"

Joseph Diaz.png

Joseph Diaz

Biology Teacher, 

"The Mindset Mastery SEL Curriculum has greatly benefited me and my advisory classes.  I have implemented the curriculum in my advisory classes for five years, and it worked very well.  The curriculum has benefited my students and me as well.  This is a learning experience for me as I continue to grow and strengthen my own SEL skills."

Jennifer Jimenez Lloyde.png

Jennifer Jimenez

Sr. Program Specialist - Psychiatric Social Worker

Community Schools Initiative

"Legacy has had a profound impact on me, my colleagues, and the students I work with.  Mental health is an important topic to discuss and cover in our daily lives.  Their SEL curriculum and professional development have allowed me to have a whole different perspective on how I respond when dealing with stress and managing my emotions.  This is a powerful program for students and adults, and I highly recommend it." 

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