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Breakthrough Beliefs

Breakthrough Beliefs:  The biggest breakthroughs in our lives happen when our beliefs about ourselves and others change.  Beliefs determine how we experience the world because we give situations different meanings accordingly, resulting in our emotions, actions, and results in life.  When we believe that we are valuable, worthy, can improve our intelligence, are in control of our lives, require positive social interactions, and other beliefs, we gain a sense of self-efficacy and motivation that results in taking massive action towards self-improvement and the appreciation of the SEL skills being learned.

We Target Beliefs

Creating Empowering Beliefs

Creating Empowering Beliefs:  That is why our curriculum does more than just teach strategies.  We target the formation and strengthening of healthy beliefs. Students learn the neuroscience and psychology behind SEL skills and our lessons employ powerful mindset transforming technologies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Motivational Interviewing, and Positive Reinforcement to stimulate introspection and reevaluation of their paradigms.  Once a child adopts and strengthens empowering beliefs, they become unstoppable and have the mental framework for achieving success and dealing with inevitable setbacks.

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