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Support For All Learners

We pride ourselves in being one of the few, if any, curriculum companies that are designed to meet the needs of ALL learners, regardless of learning differences or disability.  Our lessons are kinesthetic, visual, and hands-on and employ many other features that ensure access and equity for all learners. The curriculum’s content and skills are reinforced through numerous practice opportunities, thinking and mind maps to support sense making and memory, extension activities, acronyms, and remembering the core ideas of the entire curriculum is facilitated by our easy to remember Emotivational Thinking TM formula that we teach to students.


All students need time to think and write before they discuss and share with the class.  For this reason, every lesson includes this structured time in the presentation viewer for students to process their thoughts and then discuss with a partner in order to rehearse, validate, and enhance their responses before engaging in a class discussion.  This builds confidence, engagement, learning, and encourages future participation. Our lessons always encourage “Hot Call,” the random selection of students via index cards, or other means, to share their ideas in a discussion and demonstrate that they are “on fire” with their learning, a powerful practice that honors the ideas of all learners, not just students who consistently volunteer.  This normalizes the idea that we all participate and have something valuable to contribute. 

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