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The Mindset Mastery 5 Day SEL Institute 

Why the SEL Mindset Mastery Institute?
The Mindset Mastery SEL Institute ™ is a high-energy, hands-on 5-Day Professional Development where school staff members learn how to strengthen their personal SEL skills by optimizing their mindset, building a psychological safe community, implementing Proactive SEL Discipline, and seamlessly integrating SEL learning into any subject area classroom and grade level!  Participants learn how to develop powerful mindsets and habits that result in high levels of happiness, resilience, confidence, and achievement in all life areas.

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Why Get Legacy SEL Certified?

Professor Lecturing on Stage

Day 1 - Personal SEL and Mindset Mastery (8 am - 5:00 pm)

・Beliefs and Expectations and Their Impact on Student Achievement ・Roadblocks to Self-awareness ・What is SEL and Why Does it Matter? ・Cultural Awareness ・Implicit bias ・Mindset Self-assessment and Micro-goals ・Teacher Self-care and Resilience ・The Negative Thought Cycle ・Compassionate Curiosity ・The FRAP method ・The 10 Beliefs of Effective SEL Implementers ・The 5:1 Self-Reinforcement Method and much more!

Praying Hands

Day 2 - Building Psychological Safety (8am - 5:00pm)

・The Neuroscience of Emotions and Psychological Safety ・Routines for creating a positive classroom environment (Trusting teacher-student relationships, Supportive Learning Environment, Cognitively Engaging Instruction) ・Trauma-based instruction ・Integrating restorative justice principles ・Fostering a Growth mindset.  

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Day 3 - Proactive SEL Discipline
(8am - 5:00pm)

・The Self-Criticism Projection Triad ・The Discipline Paradigm Shift ・Student-Centered Discipline ・The SEL-Management Pyramid ・Wise Feedback ・ Supporting Extremely Challenging Students ・Creating a Classroom that Manages Itself ・Creating Partnerships ・Self-control Routines and Systems.

Teaching SEL Through Classroom instruction.jpg

Day 4 - Teaching SEL Trough Classroom Instruction (8am - 5:00pm)

Academic discourse ・Academic Teaming ・Self Monitoring ・Brain-Based Teaching ・Academic Press and Expectations ・ Competence Building ・SEL-Think Alouds ・SEL Micro-Lessons ・ SEL Thought Coaching・Classroom Routines that Strengthen SEL

Adult Education Course

Day 5 - Practice Makes Progress and Taking Action (8am - 5:00pm)

・SEL Mind Mapping ・Role Play ・Scenarios ・SEL Demo Teaching ・Feedback Rounds ・Creating an SEL Instruction, SEL-Classroom Management, and Personal SEL development Implementation Plan・Feedback Rounds ・Optimizing Personal SEL Development

The Mindset Mastery Institute ™ is a high-energy, hands-on 5-Day Professional Development where school staff members learn how to integrate powerful routines that foster Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills in any subject area or educational setting!  Participants learn how to help themselves and their students develop powerful mindsets and successful habits that result in high levels of happiness, resilience, confidence, and achievement in college, leadership, and life. By destroying limiting beliefs, creating instant positive mental states, mastering emotions, and internalizing the growth mindset, students develop the capacity to meet life-changing goals, enhance their relationships, overcome challenging setbacks, live with purpose, and become unstoppable agents of change in their community!     

$2,999.99  Registration
$2,599.99  Early Bird Special (Register by January 7th, 2023)

We have two session options to accommodate summer schedules, both in the city of Norwalk, CA.  
Session 1: June 22 - June 26  8am-4:30pm
Session 2: July 20  - July 24    8am-4:30pm

Who Should Attend?

  • Principals, Assistant Principals, and Administrative Leaders

  • School Counselors, K-12 Teachers, Social Workers, and Student Support Personnel

  • University or Community College Professors and Staff

  • District leaders, Alternative Educators, Parents, After School Program Staff and Community Based Youth Leaders

  • Members of teams addressing SEL, culture, climate, bullying, character, & discipline

  • Schools implementing the Mindset Mastery Curriculum, CASEL, PBIS, Second Step, and other SEL programs

You Will Learn How To

  • Create a class culture of collaboration, effective communication, and risk-taking

  • Foster positive relationships, student empathy, and a strong sense of community and belonging

  • Encourage personal responsibility, a proactive mindset, and a growth mindset

  • Develop a student’s life purpose to increase student happiness and resilience

  • Effectively use teacher verbal and body language to build student SEL skills

  • Strengthen student confidence, self-motivation, and empowering beliefs

  • Increase emotional self-control and responsible decision making

  • Support students with high trauma, learning differences, and extreme behavioral challenges

  • Maximize student engagement, learning, and memory retention

  • Reduce student and teacher stress and enhance balance, morale, resilience, happiness, and excitement

  • Strengthen classroom management and create sustainable systems for student self-management

  • Integrate Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) and Restorative Justice into your subject area

  • Lesson plan with SEL integration for high student achievement and expectations

Every Participant Receives

  • Research-based strategies and routines for sustainable SEL development

  • Best practices and ideas from award-winning educational leaders

  • A powerful personal and professional mindset transformation for increased resilience, happiness, and success

  • An SEL implementation kit with videos, activities, materials, posters, and many other resources

  • Access to several SEL lessons from our powerful Mindset Mastery Curriculum™

  • Networking and collaboration with SEL educators

  • A certificate of completion from the Legacy Mastery Academy

  • Earn 3 Continuing Education Units from our affiliate Loyola Marymount University 

I Want This At My School Now!

What Are My Next Steps​

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  • Note: travel fees and lodging is not included, but they will be added to the fee included

Don't Miss The Early Bird Special!
Ends January 7, 2023
Regular Price $2,999.99
Early Bird $2,499.99

Note: If you are a Legacy School and would like to attend the Institute, email customer service at or call 310-957-0764 so we can help you register for the training at a member rate. 

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