Module 0: Creating a Mindset Family Culture

Materials are in Powerpoint Slide # 2

Student and Teacher Introduction?


Why Is a Powerful Mindset The Key To Success and Happiness?

What Mindset Skills Will I Learn That Will Take Me To The 

Next Level?

Why Do I Need Other People To Be Successful?

How Can Empathy and Compassion Help Unleash My Full


How Has Our Journey Strengthened Us?

What Makes A Great Team?

How Can Active Listening Make Us More Influential?

How Can Creeds and Affirmations Make Us An 

Unstoppable Team? 

How Do We Commit To Making Our Vision Come True?

How Do Effective Teams Communicate?

How Do Successful Teams Resolve Conflict?

How Does Meditation Give My Brain Supernatural Powers?

How Do Geniuses Stay Organized and Focused?

How Do Geniuses Take Notes?

How Do Geniuses Study To Get Straight A's?

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