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The 5:1 Mindset Challenge


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Why The 5:1 Mindset Challenge?

Did you know that having five or more positive emotions for every negative strengthens our resilience, self-discipline, emotion regulation, and overall wellness? Explore this powerful 5:1 principle, the science behind it, and experience 5-minute routines that generate this magic ratio instantly in students and adults while strengthening various SEL skills at the same time! 

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Pre-Sale Special!

Regular Price $1,499.99

Pre-order Sale

Pre-order our most popular evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) course that is user-friendly and with little to no preparation.

Let's schedule a time so we can show you how our course can best meet the needs of your school district/school, business, and organization so we can answer any questions you may have.

Course Modules

Brain Scans

Module 1

The "Genie-us" Within You

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Scanning Headset

Module 2

Mindset Crisis

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Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Module 3

Power of Emotions

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Workout with Kettlebells

Module 4

Strengthen Your Mindset

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Self Motivation

Module 5

I Value Myself

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Tai Chi

Module 6

I Strive To Be Self-Aware

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Smiling woman

Module 7

I Take Charge of My life

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Happy Friends

Module 8

We Need Each Other

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Women Holding Hands

Module 9

I Develop Empowering Beliefs and Habits

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Team work

Module 10

I Think and Respond Proactively

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Elderly Couple Looking at Smartphone

Module 11

I Live With Purpose

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Strong Woman

Module 12

I Take Action To Create Motivation

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Teenage Girl

Module 13

I Grow Through Challenges

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Happy Portrait

Module 14

I Live Gratefully

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Male Student

Module 15

Course Recap

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Participants Will Be Able To:


❏ EXPLAIN how emotions impact many areas of our lives

❏ CREATE a Proactive Mindset from a Reactive Mindset instantly in order to manage emotions by applying 5 Power Moves

❏ APPLY the CBT formula to various stressful personal scenarios in order to EXAMINE why you get stuck in negative thinking spirals, and how to BOUNCE BACK quickly

❏ ENGAGE in routines for triggering the 7 Power Emotions that supercharge the “Thinking Brain”

❏ EMPLOY 10 Powerful Daily Habits for generating a proactive mindset (5:1 Emotion Ratio)

❏ EXPLAIN the 5:1 mindset, the neuroscience behind it, and how a 5:1 ratio results in the benefits of the Broaden and Build Theory

❏ CREATE a personal development plan for ensuring a 5:1 ratio daily.

❏ APPLY these short routines in their classrooms with students

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