Social and Emotional Learning for the 21st Century Student


Imagine a world where every young adult felt valued, cared for and driven by a compelling life purpose.  What if students were treated as blossoming geniuses and not labeled by their previous grades and behavior?  What if all teachers had the right beliefs, habits, and social and emotional skills to create thriving communities of connected, happy, confident, and successful scholars?  What if teachers and students mastered SEL together?


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the foundation for success in all areas of life.  SEL instruction begins with an effective teacher who is strong in their personal SEL skills and can teach SEL to their students.  The challenge is that teachers are stressed, have little time for themselves, lack proper SEL training, and are overextended as new responsibilities are constantly added to their plate.  We provide two powerful solutions to address this challenge:    

1. Our brain-based and hands-on Mindset Mastery SEL Curriculum and 2. Our innovative SEL professional development. 

Powerful SEL Curriculum

The Mindset Mastery Curriculum ™ (MMC) is a 29-module, hands-on, brain-based, and life-changing program for developing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills that result in high levels of achievement in college, leadership, and life.  The program is designed to help high school and college teachers and students master SEL by creating long-lasting empowering thoughts, beliefs, and habits that lead to success.  With over 160 powerful hands-on multimedia lessons, an easy-to-use interface, little to no teacher prep time, multiple scaffolds for all learning differences, and intensive teacher training to ensure program success, teachers have all they need to develop their students’ SEL skills, as well as their own.

Innovative Professional Development  

Success starts with effective teachers.  Our 5 Day Mindset Mastery SEL Institute ™ ensures that teachers 

  • Develop their own SEL skills

  • Are properly trained to deliver to teach the MMC curriculum 

  • Can integrate SEL instruction into any content area

  • Embrace the 10 beliefs of highly effective educators ™

  • Can create the psychological safety that allows students to take risks, learn optimally, participate in honest and introspective discussions with peers, and have life-changing breakthroughs.

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